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Facility Operations

Picture of the productOperational Best Practices Handbook
With the proper training, ride operations staff help create a memorable and safe experience for guests. The IAAPA Operational Best Practices Handbook provides effective tools for teaching the responsibilities, daily duties, and safety obligations of running rides. This helpful resource provides in-depth instruction in:

-Individual job duties
-Training based on experience in ride operation, from beginner to expert
-Pre-operation and closing procedures
-Incident reporting

…and more.

The manual is free to IAAPA members and available as a PDF.

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Picture of the productManual de Melhores Práticas Operacionais
Com o treinamento adequado, a equipe de operações ajuda a criar uma experiência memorável e segura para os visitantes. O Manual de Melhores Práticas Operacionais da IAAPA fornece ferramentas efetivas para o ensino das responsabilidades, deveres diários e obrigações de segurança na operação. Este recurso útil fornece instruções aprofundadas em:

- Funções de trabalho individuais
- Treinamento baseado em experiência em operação
- Procedimentos de pré-operação e encerramento
- Relatórios de incidentes
- Manutenção

…e mais.

O manual é gratuito para membros da IAAPA e está disponível em formato PDF.

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Picture of the productManual de las Mejores Prácticas de Operación
Con la capacitación adecuada, el personal de operaciones ayuda a crear una experiencia memorable y segura para los visitantes. El Manual de las Mejores Prácticas de Operación de IAAPA proporciona herramientas efectivas para enseñar las responsabilidades, los deberes diarios y las obligaciones de seguridad en la operación de las atracciones. Este útil recurso proporciona información detallada en:

- Tareas de trabajo individuales
- Formación basada en la operación, desde principiante hasta experto
- Pre operación y procedimientos de cierre
- Informe de incidentes
- Mantenimiento

…y más.

El manual está disponible para descarga en formato PDF, sin costo para miembros IAAPA.

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Picture of the productBe Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service
Exceeding expectations rather than simply satisfying them is the cornerstone of the Disney approach to customer service. Now, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the original publication, Disney Institute, which specializes in helping professionals see new possibilities through concepts not found in the typical workplace, is revealing even more of the business behind the magic of quality service. During the last twenty-five years, thousands of professionals from more than thirty-five countries and more than forty industries have attended business programs at Disney Institute and learned how to adapt the Disney approach for their own organizations.

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Picture of the productWave Maker
The Story of Theme Park Pioneer George Millay and the Creation of SeaWorld, Magic Mountain, and Wet'n Wild. This is the story of a visionary - an innovative, restive and determined risk-taker who created two major genres of theme parks.

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