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Marketing and Sales

Picture of the productIAAPA Crisis Communications Plan Template
This customizable template is free and exclusive to IAAPA facility members. To order your copy, send an e-mail to pressoffice@iaapa.org.

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Picture of the productCrisis Management in the Tourism Industry
Crisis Management in the Tourism Industry aims to illustrate the theories and actions that can be taken to better understand consumer, economic and environmental reaction, in order for the businesses involved to be more prepared for such events.

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Picture of the productAttracting Attention: Promotion and Marketing for Tourism
From theme parks and museums to zoos and aquariums, attractions draw millions of visitors each year. Regardless of type, they all share one common denominator - they are intended to provide visitors with memorable experiences. This book offers information about how to promote and market tourism attractions for maximum results. It looks at different approaches, strategies, tools, and techniques marketers can use when promoting their organizations to the public. Topics include advertising and marketing; media relations; social media marketing; sales promotion and merchandising; special events; guest relations and customer service; employee relations; crisis communications; and social responsibility and sustainability. in addition, it includes a variety of examples from attractions that have implemented successful promotion and marketing activities.

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Picture of the productWhy We Love Disney: The Power of the Disney Brand
From its beginnings as a small studio in the 1920s, the Disney Company has become one of the most influential organizations in the world of entertainment. Why We Love Disney examines the influence of the Walt Disney Company and the reasons for Disney's universal appeal. Starting with the early days of Walt Disney, the book examines the company's evolution, and discusses the products and services Disney has created and marketed over the years to build its brand. Chapters focus on different elements of Disney - from characters and theme parks to music and home entertainment - to offer the reader a clear overview of the organization's history, products, management, and marketing practices. An examination of the many facets of Disney clearly shows the strategic steps the company has taken over the years to build its brand and make itself one of the major forces in the entertainment industry.

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